Automake and Libtool have revolutionized the free software world. .. Chapter 1: A brief introduction to the GNU Autotools. Chapter 2. This manual (26 July ) is for GNU Autoconf (version ), a package for creating scripts to .. Practical Advice for Signed Overflow Issues. This manual (24 April ) is for GNU Autoconf (version ), a package for for a to avoid unnecessary quotes, it is bad practice for Autoconf.

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Any remaining characters that are not alphanumeric are converted to underscores. Symbols defined by the macros Default Includes: This macro creates the directory that the file is in if it doesn’t exist. This macro runs a test-case if endianness cannot be determined from the system header files.

Fortran CompilerPrevious: For the purposes of this test, mktime should conform to the Posix standard and should be the inverse of localtime.

Automake Manual See Automakefor more information on Automake. System ServicesUp: If ERL is not already set in the environment, check for erl. Test FunctionsUp: Use the matching makefile variable instead. Generic HeadersPrevious: Some implementations have inttypes.

They do not cache the results of their tests for future use see Caching Resultsbecause they don’t know enough about the information they are checking for to generate a cache variable name. Library FunctionsUp: This results in a noticeable speedup, but can be disabled by this option.


If either or both were not given, get the missing values by running xmkmf or an executable pointed to by the XMKMF environment variable on a trivial Imakefile and examining the makefile that it produces.

The best workaround for these issues is to use gnulib modules isinf and isnan see Gnulib. It prints each identifier on a line, followed by a space-separated list of the files in which that identifier occurs.

The following macros determine which programming language is used in the subsequent tests in configure. It is only portable to run CPP on files with a. Dealing with Autoconf versions Notices: You have at times discussed it on the blog.

Set output variable ERLC to the complete path of the compiler command found. Gettext supplies the autopoint command to add translation infrastructure to a source package. The format is a regular string, with newlines if desired, and several special escape codes. Any leading blanks or newlines in arguments are ignored, unless they are quoted.

Autotools [Book]

The stat and lstat from SunOS 4. Please help us keep the gnulib list as complete as possible. That usually happens when the fixed header files have not been installed on an old system. Although Autoconf tries to be intelligent about detecting the name-mangling scheme of the Fortran compiler, there may be Fortran compilers that it doesn’t support yet.


Book Review: Autotools by John Calcote

You are commenting using your WordPress. See Manual Configurationfor more on support for cross compiling. You should use this in your language specific macros to avoid that they be called with an inappropriate language. To call a Fortran subroutine from C or to write a C function that is callable from Fortran, the C program must explicitly use identifiers in the format expected by the Fortran compiler.

Fortunately, GNU provides a solution: When things go wrong, however, you’ll be thankful for the existence of autoheader. You probably know how I feel about Autotools books given I actually wanted to write one, was mostly auotools, and ended up working on spare time on Autotools Mythbuster — which I really should write more on. Header PortabilityUp: If none of the tools in the list are gmu, set variable to value-if-not-found ; if value-if-not-found is not specified, the value of variable is not changed.

The length argument may be given as 80,or unlimited, and defaults to