Timpul (The time), March , reprinted in Mihai Eminescu, Chestiunea evreiască (The Jewish problem), ed. D. Vatamaniuc (Bucharest: Vestala Pub. House. Eminescu, între politică şi religie . În chestiunea Holocaustului românesc, Andrei Oișteanu a spus că la noi „nu s-au produs orori, dar Mihail Sebastian scria în Jurnalul său (recent reeditat la Editura Humanitas) pe 5 În comunism, Ceaușescu a speculat dorința evreilor de a emigra într-un mod de-a. Mihai Eminescu: Chestiunea evreiasca Ed. Vestala :// /isbn//Mihai-Eminescu__Chestiunea-evreiasca.

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Of course in some vocational areas it is felt more keenly too. Chestiunea evreiasca romanian edition reads cazul andreasson vol.

Yes but it didn’t work for G B Shaw or the horrible Webbs. La baza de la Cana, noi am ucis oameni. Here is what he wrote: And I am pretty sure that you regard the overwhelmingly white Eastern Europe with disdain because it lacks its fair share of colored people. Writing this, I see that the reactionary Catholicism of Pius IX is the opposite of the Marxist doctrine that the historical process is a sort of secular god.

A sustained attempt is being made to minimize the vast popular sympathy the Legionary Movement enjoyed in the last pre-war elections, especially among the young.

Acestora le-am pus intrebarea: Iar sub comunisti, zeci de mii de legionari au fost inchisi si ucisi. First one should agree on the meaning of anti-Semitism.

Dat fiind ca articolul este in format word document, lam convertit in pdf ca sal pot atasa comentariului ca tot il ridica in slavi unii pe marius oprea the right thing from the wrong reasons. Sunt texte extrase din scrierile lui Corneliu Codreanu: Romanii nu sunt primiti in casele jidovesti decat ca slugi sau hamali”.

Interesting enough this may change in the future Tuesday I was in a waiting room in a hospital in Costa Rica. Herbert Spencer thought free school dinners meant socialism. Aceasta opozitie legionara nu a fost nici rasiala si nici religioasa, intotdeauna incadrandu-se in limitele unei concurente economice legale si egale.


Dandu-si seama de puterea lor in crestere, ei ne sugruma [ Come and stand up from your mound! And all these are but modest complaints, never addressed or denounced to the UNO.

The shelling at Cana was carried out according to the rules, orders and objectives of the operation “Fruit of Wrath”.

Brigada Națională Autoritaristă

They keep on living by themselves as an invading nation Could it really be possible that rabbi Moses Rosen was afraid of denouncing the Holocaust?

It was an American historian who came to persuade the Romanian historians of this truth, in a tv broadcast. Reamintindu-ne de starea de spirit romaneasca a anilor respectivi, blestemul pe care anglo-americanii l-ar fi meritat pentru Yalta a fost inlocuit de marea speranta a eliberarii, asteptata sa vina din partea acelorasi anglo-americani.

We killed them because the gap between the sacred character we attribute to our own lives, and the less and less important one we ascribe to theirs has been ever widening, this; what allowed us to kill them.

La fel victimele evreiesti din timpul zisei Rebeliuni sunt atribuite pe nedrept legionarilor. Had he thought race not class was the driver in human history the Guardian would probably have refused to publish him. Filderman, presedintele Comunitatii Evreilor din Romania, care au editat impreuna in la Roma o brosura in limba engleza cu titlul Regional development of the Jewish population of Romania, prezentandu-ne un alt holocaust in Romania, concluzionand ca la noi a fost numarul cel mai scazut de victime evreiesti, comparativ cu celelalte tari ocupate de germani.

You might like this piece also about the Cold War. Cum de se petrec asemenea atrocitati? In any case, at least seen from the viewpoint of an imaginary time traveller from or even the developed world nowadays is socialist.


Să ne celebrăm evreii!

We believe that their lives will not be wighed like ours. No Law Court, whether national or international, has ever indicted the Legionary Movement as being a Fascist or a National-Socialist organization.

Furthermore, in the magazine “Axa”, inIon Motza wrote, regarding the legionary political conception: There are strong social and therefore psychological pressures in the UK from vocalising minai regarding our usurpation.

Tara devenise o vasta inchisoare, ocupata si condusa de comunismul sovietic. Nothing ever can eliminate Cana from our biographies. Luandu-ne dupa propaganda comunista ramanem cu impresia ca intreaga nenorocire a Romaniei ar apartine Miscarii Legionare, parca legionarii ar fi guvernat tara 50 de ani si nu comunistii. In privinta violentelor, legionarii se gasesc de departe pe ultimul loc fata de toate celelalte partide. The London-based agency for human rights severely condamned the attack, outlawing these crimes of the Israeli army committed during the operation “Fruit of Wrath” against the Hezbollah.

Brigada Națională Autoritaristă

A bit vehement, perhaps, but interesting nonetheless. Profesorul Evreiascz, tiranul universitatii din Bucuresti, care conducea operatia de epurare a studentilor anti-comunisti.

The Israeli authorities do not take measures to oblige the employers to ensure for them a minimal decent chdstiunea standard, not to mention any claims of equality with Israeli citizens. Tightening relations with the Soviet Union is an act of treason to the Romanian people, to God and to the moral order of the world. In centru este Dumnezeu si noi ne putem aseza prin faptele noastre ori la dreapta ori la stanga Lui.

That directed towards fellows Europeans has a much lesser social cost than a similar sentiment directed towards non-Europeans.