The Dark is the second novel by Irish writer John McGahern, published in Plot introduction[edit]. The Dark is set in Ireland’s rural north-west, and it focuses . Shortly after its publication in , John McGahern’s second novel, The Dark, was banned by the Irish state censor for obscenity. The story. I thought this a couple of years ago when I read John McGahern’s The Dark ( ) was McGahern’s second novel and, true to the title, it’s as.

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Perhaps McGahern recognised this, because with Amongst Women he would return to a Mahoney-like figure — this time called Moran — who would remain centre stage for the entire book. There were many mcgahwrn second-hand book shops, there was the national library, there were plenty of cinemas, there was an incredible number of small theatres.

When The Dark was initially released init was banned in Ireland and widely denounced for its vivid portrayal of the protagonists struggle with repressed desires, but mcgaherj portrayals work in a powerful way to embed a greater understanding of young Mahoney’s struggles with his faith, his vocation, and his relationship with his father. She died of cancer just before McGahern’s 10th birthday.

I do know that I love reading his words His feeling of isolation is something that compounds the misery within the farmhouse walls; it begets isolation in each of his kids, although the Bristling with the threat of violence from the outset, the opening chapter is one of the most disturbing and claustrophobic I have read. In Amongst Women, Moran, the former IRA leader, now turned xark patriarch, finally categorises the war of independence as “a cod”. Despite his difficult upbringing, he was always a good student and says he was very lucky when young to have access to a library in the house of some Protestant neighbours.

This book is not an easy book to read as it mostly tells of the relationship between a tough,hard and abusive father and his adolescent son. It is a power struggle that blights many father and son relationships at the time when sons become young men.


An unnamed boy is the only son of the widower Mahoney who ekes out a subsistance living on a small farm of land in the County Leitrim of s Ireland. Jan 31, Natalie rated it it was ok. But he comes from a place not far from the border and his own experience is too much for that, it is too real and genuine.

The Dark mcgahrrn lives up to its title. McGahern’s protagonist is tortured by his sexuality and the uniquely Irish-Catholic guilt it engenders, tortured by the repressive yet somehow secure teachings of his religion, tortured by his father’s ignorance, posturing and rage, but most of all tortured by his own insecurity and indecision.

They bought a farm in County Leitrim in and returned to Ireland. As the protagonist, the young Ma The Dark is one of the most emotionally complex and deeply affecting novels I’ve ever read. Overall though, are these Irish guys born knowing how to do this kind of thing? Aug 01, Kusaimamekirai rated it it was amazing Shelves: He had something he wanted to leave, but never, really, was there a dream drawing him on. Mcgahrrn security and insecurity are the overriding themes of the novel. Fire breaks out at popular hotel in Kilkenny Footage shows smoke swarming the streets after a fire is reported to have taken Nov 30, Claudia Putnam rated it liked it Shelves: Until the late 70s he had hardly given an interview, and the huge impact of his banning combined with his comparatively small output meant that for many years he was a generally misunderstood figure in Ireland.

Or menial work in England. John and kimbofo and Colette: Not amazing, but enjoyable and very Mcgahern. And the ending is deceptively unsettling: Y por impresionante quiero decir impresionante.

He had looked Irish life in the face in a way it didn’t like being looked at. The book was banned upon release, kohn McGahern to quit his teaching job and flee to England, for daring to write about the truths of his society.

It goes on a few chapters later to show the boy and father in bed together.


McGahern, the banned book and the censored interview –

How can this be anything, but dark? Mum and son injured after men force their way into family home A man has appeared in court charged with You are commenting using your WordPress. The prose, as per usual with McGahern, is perfectly crafted. At times you feel sad for the children living in the rain of terror with there father but you also feel sad for the father who just finds it difficult to be in any way happy. Feb 03, A. Also in Irish News.

In the controversy over this he was forced to resign his teaching post.

Ireland’s rural elegist

I met Father Carton in an atmosphere of courtesy and I think he must have mistaken courtesy for agreement. I asked him later what he felt about the banning of his book in Ireland. In truth, the book is a fairly straightforward account of a young boy’s maturing jojn young adulthood amongst the typical constraints of a rural Irish Catholic upbringing.

McGahern still lives on and works a farm in Leitrim, uohn friends say that even though he has held high profile academic posts round the world as a visiting professor he remains essentially a countryman.

McGahern agreed that the situation was indeed absurd, and says that even as an adolescent reader he had nothing but contempt for the censorship board. Insights like the one above slip easily into his writing, making you pause and think jonh only how in life you find this to be true but also in the reading of a book.

The Dark (McGahern novel) – Wikipedia

It was only after some reflection that I realized that ‘so what’ – that dithering – is exactly the point. Refresh and try again. This novel, just McGahern’s second, is a huge leap forward from his first novel published just two years earlier.