Garrett Eckbo ( – ). Widely regarded as the father of Modern landscape architecture, Garrett Eckbo saw landscape design as a vehicle for social. Garrett Eckbo, American landscape architect (born Nov. 28, , Cooperstown, N.Y.—died May 15, , Oakland, Calif.), was a pioneer of. If the three articles authored jointly by James Rose, Daniel Kiley, and Garrett Eckbo, published in Architectural Record in and , were a manifesto for a.

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Eckbo’s use of publications reveals an incredible drive for soap-boxing, self-promotion, and astute utilization of the print medium. We acknowledge, however, that eckgo process is less than perfect and is certainly open to challenge.

Eckbo was born in Cooperstown, New York, on 28 November Sometime in the Aluminum Company of America, through its advertising agency. Initiated by the Division of Subsistence Homesteads in the Department of the Interior and the Federal Emergency Relief Administration at the outset of Roosevelt’s first term, communities were later developed by the Resettlement Administration RA and finally by the Farm Security Administration [figure 88].

Eckkbo this early commission, the depression years were not a good time to enter private practice, and government work comprised almost all the available opportunities for landscape architects.

Garrett Eckbo

Joseph Hudnut had become the dean of the newly formed Graduate School of Design inbringing with him ideas about modernism and a renovated curriculum.

A free-standing pavilion shelter, providing a retreat from the main garden area. The metal’s single disadvantage was its ability to conduct heat, a property not beneficial for the growth of plants on ecko surfaces. London plane trees prevailed, lining the edge of the road and enclosing the plaza.

Indicatively, Kandinsky stated that “reason, consciousness, purpose” played a central role in the series termed “compositions. More remarkable were the materials with which the project was realized [figure 80]. With hostilities ended in AugustAmerica began the return to normalcy.


The year also saw the publication of The Art of Home Landscapinga garden and site planning manual aimed at a popular audience.

PCAD – Garrett N. Eckbo

The circle was most clearly witnessed in plan, but a more careful reading of the design reveals that the garden was to be composed of angular segments arranged within a circular superstructure—there was little except the heart of the scheme that could gafrett be perceived as a circle. A work of art which has style may be esthetically organized in either of one of two fundamentally different ways.

Klee described the circle as the trace of the pendulum, suggesting a development in time. His broader European and East Ecmbo experience, his understanding of land building relationship, his exposure to modern design ideas, all seemed to turn the department around.

They feel very seriously that unless they produce the garreth quality work that they will not have a place in the profession. Unlike most articles on Britannica. Eckbo’s ideas remain equally poignant today, his proclamations equally viable.

Nina Zurier also warrants our thanks for her professional design expertise and consultation on mounting the exhibition. Whatever the case, the rendering style of the work shown here seems as suitable, complementary, and sympathetic to the designs as any could. Various projects, discussed in the following essay, demonstrated Eckbo and company’s test developments for the several cooperative groups.

In Margaret Ecko Goldsmith advised her presumably affluent clients that “When you think of the fckbo spent in renting a summer cottage on a distant lake or seaside, and in getting there year after year, you will find a swimming pool a good investment.

Garrett Eckbo | The Cultural Landscape Foundation

Each of the outdoor work spaces—the drying yard varrett cutting garden, for example—were screened by shrubs, gargett defined exterior spaces to the south complemented the primary rooms of the house. And when we apply the science of growth to our landscape design standards, so that we can determine accurately the form characteristics and definitely establish the growth rates for individual plants under given conditions, we will be able to use plants with the same expediency as the factory-made, modular unit in building.


Similarly, there are bound to be friends and colleagues who will help realize the exhibition long after the book has gone to press.

William Wurster, architect and longtime collaborator of Thomas Church, commended architects who ” chose to work for the Government,” in particular Burton Cairns and Vernon DeMars, for their design of the Farm Security Administration migrant camps in California. The orchard, however minuscule, was a common element in many of these works.

Versions of Eckbo’s Contempoville were realized up and down the length of California, reduced to an almost pathetic level of means, but with no reduction in the intensity of their spatial investigation or humanity. Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources. Indeed, “followers [of Eckbo] have made whole careers out of fragments of his ideas,” said landscape architect and professor Laurie Olin, adding: In The International StyleHenry-Russell Hitchcock and Philip Johnson advanced a concern for space over mass as a defining characteristic of modern architecture.

Eckbo, Garrett, Urban Landscape Design39,