Find great deals for One for All Kameleon 6 Urc Smart TV Remote Control. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Kameleon 6 URC Direct Code Set Up. 1. Find your device code in the code section (page – ). Codes are listed by device mode and brand name. Original European operations manual and preprogrammed codes in PDF format. Download attachments: 1. April 28, mb,

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For the fourth digit, press 4 and count the animated blinks. Switch your Television on not on standby. Message Forum Add Your Review.

Thanks for the info; It was simple and easy to open up, cut and close again. Can’t press without looking. T o obtain w arran ty service during the warr an ty period, please call us at the number mentioned on the Cust omer Service page.

With a professional tool ;the problem is fixed. This warr an ty does not co v er cart ons, carrying cases, batt eries, br ok en or marr ed cabinets or an y other i tem used in connection wi th the pr oduct. An y further obligation than listed abo ve is e x cluded. Bitt e beacht en Sie, dass wir Ihr en Kaufbeleg brauchen um f est. Now what shall i do with all my rechargeable batteries?? Yamishi Yokan Yoko Yorx Z.

RC User Reviews: One For All URC (Kameleon 6) Remote Control (1)

I don’t see why not? I stumbled on your kameleeon by accident! Fenner Ferguson Fidelity Filsai Finlandia Finlux Firstline Fisher Flint Forgestone Formenti Formenti-Phoenix Fortress Fraba Friac Frontech Fujitsu Fujitsu General Funai Future G. Make sure your television is switched on not on standby.


Great looking Very clear overview from controls Even dumb and dumber can use it! This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. Direct Code Set Up.

I guess the fact that it still works is a good thing. But brought the stock up for all the battery companys.

One for All urc 8060 kameleon

This remote has many more positives than negatives. Will not learn all commands. You are the MAN!!! Stellen Sie Ihre Frage. This remote is not bad but it’s not great. But I guess I’m old school and preffer fealing for my buttons.

I ws about to trash it. Wouah, thanks for this tip. I haven’t tried using the learning feature yet as most of the functions I need are already there. If your original remote operates more than one device for example; a receiver, CD player and cassette player in one remoteyou need to set up each device separately.

utc Hi I’ve got one of this remote and it is broken. Another nice feture was the macro is for lack of terms device specfic meaning that the 4 macro buttons at the bottom of the remote are local if you set one up kamwleon the cd say m1, you can also use m1 for a dvd on the dvd screen. But it was also Arnaud, Paris – France Forenregeln Um zu sinnvolle Fragen zu kommen halten Sie sich bitte an folgende Spielregeln: The reviewer has used this remote control for months.


The following page was printed from RemoteCentral. I kamrleon big remotes, the are more easy to use then a matchbox-like remote, with those little buttons.

URC — kameleon 6 — Universal remote 4 digtit code for television — How to program kameleon 6 – Universal remote codes and programming. Sorry for my english: Esta garan tia no cubr e embalajes.

One for All Kameleon 6 Urc-8060 Smart TV Remote Control

Code blink out to find out which code is currently programmed. You can buy a dozen decent batteries from the pound store and if you get one to two months on motion setting, that’s three to six months use? Erhalten Sie per E-Mail Teilen: Deze garan tie is niet van t oepassing v oor. I have a 4 way kameleon which could be disabled using a codebut this broke and my new 6 way does not support the same code! My only other experience of a learning remote was a Philips Pronto at a hotel I stayed at recently.

I took a very small, flat -bladed screwdriver, and was able to pry the little box off the circuit board and then simply pulled it off completely.

Review 4 made on Friday June 6, at