The Essene mirrors are constantly letting us know what we are Mirror #7: The mirror of your self-concept both conscious and subconscious. Mirrors. Topic: Mirrors. We‟ve all been exposed to the fact or accused of “ mirroring” It goes way back to the Essene Tests – and is called the Seven Essene. It goes way back to the Essene Tests – and is called the Seven Essene Mysteries of Self. By understanding what they are, life and life‟s.

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If we are angry, bitter and unloving to miirrors, they in turn will often react in the same way towards us. Copyright James Gilliland — Do you see beyond the image you are looking at? Only the good news is that humanity is now learning how to shift, delete, transform, remove, replace and transmute these captive energies into higher vibrations that are freeing our very mrrors to be and express who we are in our natural spirit-self states.

We came across an individual, Gregg Braden, who taught us more about mirroring.

A frustrating bahavior is reflected back,if more than one person is involved, consider this as a mirroring of reflective reality. When we see morrors we love and desire in another, it is often something we have lost, given away or esene stolen in our own lives. Their highly regimented life centered on prayers, rigorous work, frequent illustrations, and studies of Scriptures.

What does this mean? Pre-twelfth century texts show benign beings Gabriel and Lucifer volunteering to anchor light and dark respectively. Examples can still be found in Anatolia, Turkey, believed to date back to around BC.

Journey to my soul: The 7 Essene Mirrors- How we attract people and situations

Think about why you live your life the way you do, and how you do it. It is good to discern; however if we judge and condemn with mirrore emotional charge, we will attract exactly what we judge into our lives.


We are made to believe that a trait in another person that we dislike or disapprove reflects a shadow of ourselves. This mirror has an exercise. Yes, it is possible to get to that place of non-judgment. Many Essenes were devoted to the essne ideal, though Josephus mentions a group who married. It is our choice to immerse in darkness or muster the will to find the Light.

If we have the wisdom to recognize those mirrors, we may accelerate the evolution of emotion and understanding. Do this before you read on……………………………………… do not mjrrors on until you do this…. If you did not have a mom or dad, put down your childhood caretakers.

Is it not wise to first heal ourselves, love, accept and approve ofourselves and then magnetize people and events to us which are a esseje of our ownself-love, self-acceptance, self-approval, as well as our own happiness and security?

The Sixth Essene Mirror: We can come from a place with no judgment, consent and allow ourselves to acknowledge our feelings. Until I came to the realization that it was a judgment call and to get into a place of non-judgment — you can bet I had this happen over and over and over again.

Take out a piece of paper. Woman born with leprosy. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The conscience holds a mirror of the experience of light and dark. You can think of the alcoholic — he loves his family and what does he end up losing but that which he loves the most — his family.

Parents can possibly hold to us a mirror of themselves and their expectations and filtered down to their children. When this mirror appears and we can honestly look at these in the eyes of someone else,it is a way to re-enforce what was lost and perhaps find these lost and forgotten loves.


This mirror was the most profound for Loren and I.

7 Essene Mirrors

We magnetize people and events to us according to ourconsciousness. There is a balance in life- trust yourself, you have learned your lessons. Mirrrors relationship is a relationship with self and often we try to reclaim what was lost, what we gave away, or had been taken away as a child or as an adult. We will see one or some combination of mirrored patterns in others. Become sovereign and establish a sacred relationship with self.

Obsidian, a naturally occurring volcanic glass were the first manufactured mirrors. We need your help to maintenance this website. Another one is erratic drivers this was essfne of mine.

Common Tags “” Email or Essrne Password Forgot account? Now, figure yours out. Sometimes the mirrors would apply, but sometimes they wouldn’t. These are important values- honesty, integrity, respect, kindness, compassion, etc. With those words, you are describing a mirror. Maybe it is time to be kind, loving and compassionate to ourselves and others.

We are judging or frustrated at the moment; or realize what we have given away, or lost or taken away from us. Thank you for interesting in our services.

We Keep Choosing Us: Seven Essene Mirrors

This mirror includes anyone who has cared or cares for us. This is tremendously powerful and very subtle. The Seven Essene mirrors is a way of understanding how this process works.