Acrocomia aculeata is a species of palm native to tropical regions of the Americas, from southern Mexico and the Caribbean south to Paraguay and northern. Acrocomia totai. This large palm from Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina is covered with spines and is best described as ‘interesting’ although, especially from a. North, Central, South. Not a problem species (un-documented). Assessment Status: Complete. Growth Habit. Tree. Origin.

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Not citrus, but a palm. Been after a couple of these for a few years now This one will hold the dead fronds for a long time before shedding.

Have they not produced any yet?

Acrocomia totai after 18F – DISCUSSING PALM TREES WORLDWIDE – PalmTalk

They look like the Dade City form of A. I’ll find the photos Please login or register. Did Az endure any wind chill with the freezes? Fruit are edible, round, and yellow to orange when mature. Redland Nursury in Homestead fl shows the a.

Leaves bases are entire, spiny and have indument. I’ve had my A. The species bears branched inflorescences which are located among the leaves. Fruits brownish green, globose, cm diam. Acrocomia is a genus of spinypinnate -leaved palms which range from large trees to small palms with short, subterranean stems.

A couple more acdocomia his Acrocomia Totai The grugru nut, while very hard, can be sliced into thin circles to be sanded and worn as rings. Unfortunately seeds are very hard to scrocomia and seedlings from wild didnt transplanted well for me.


No they haven’t ever seeded yet. Fruit are edible, round, and yellow to orange when mature.

Leo Abbey, a charter member of the Palm Society. I persuaded a nursery to buy some of Doug Keene’s plants a couple of years back and they never recovered from being in the container. Acrocomia totai can tolerate freezing temperatures to about The avocado is a Mexican type. The seed has a 1. They look a lot like queen palms, but the trunks on younger trees are loaded with spines Anecodotally, I heard that there were many growing at Swisher estate in Jax. Photo by Dieter Oberlaender.

I’ve planted a number of Acrocomia seedlings and small plants and they just die.

File:Acrocomia totai 2.jpeg

Acrocomia is a genus of palms which is native to the Neotropicsranging from Mexico in the north, through Central America and the Caribbeanand through South America south to Argentina.

It is one of my favorites also.

Yet, around here its possible to see Phoenix and Washingtonia robusta leaves dammaged but none was killed by cold in a place where Chorisia branches had suffered, burning the branches tips so deep to 5 cmts. You need to give us a complete tour because it looks kick arse from what I can see. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Not endangered acrocomja, the most notable characteristic is the large black spines on the trunk that are lost as the plant ages.

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Eric, Faith Bishock has a A. Contents 1 Common Names: Im sure that the palm would grow What type of Avacado- did he say? Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. How do Acrocomias fare in such temperatures?

Views Read Edit View history. Livistona nitida trunk By Alicehunter Acrrocomia palm was tucked back into the corner of my yard behind my large S.

Attempting to identify them from photos at this size would be a futile effort. Id like some of these as well. Would you be willing to post a picture of Russ’s Acrocomia? Views Read Edit View history. Perhaps I could plant ten or so along the property line But after a long warm summer it grew back all its leaves and is back to normal. At what low temps did this palm go with no visible damage from the cold?

This often rubs the spines off the trunk giving it a mostly smooth trunk. Maybe the range maps show where they should be able to grow? Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.