: Anna in the Tropics (TCG Edition) (): Nilo Cruz: Books. This page guide for “Anna In The Tropics” by Nilo Cruz includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis covering 2 chapters, as well as several more. The Anna in the Tropics Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author by Nilo Cruz.

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Published September 1st by Theatre Communications Group. The Tainos were a seafaring people who lived on the verge of dense jungle, but they also developed sophisticated agricultural practices that produced cassava, corn, squash, and peanuts. The broader the range of cultural knowledge, Cruz suggests, the more profound becomes the experience of human emotion. Santiago proudly removes the new cigar from his shirt pocket and makes a short speech telling everyone about the product’s specifications.

Juan Julian asks Conchita if she still observes the ritual of cutting her hair on the second day of February, to which Conchita replies, “Yes.

Anna in the Tropics – Nilo Cruz Review | CultureVulture

She describes what it was like making love to the lector as though he were her husband. Literature’s power is tangible when Cruz’ characters, clinging to no more than a few remembered lines here and there, are able to draw the pain, romance, and soul of the classic novel out into their own world and their own lives.

Dramatically speaking, Cruz realizes the importance of the lector as nlio catalyst for change within the cigar factory.

Santiago and Ofelia enter, and they are joined by Conchita, who accepts their invitation to have a drink. It is overshadowed at times by that heavy-handedness, which is just as much a paradox as it sounds, so I ended up with conflicting feelings.

Anna in the Tropics

Conchita chides Palomo about his “secret love,” drawing the analogy between art and life ctuz further. Creating memorable characters combined with a captivating story, I was enthralled with this play, even in written form. Furthermore, she understands that “anybody who dedicates his life to reading books believes in rescuing things from oblivion”; that is to say, without a lector, the factory would be a lifeless place to work.


At night a fever would overtake her, and she would run to the sea naked to meet her dead lover. The three women then provide a history of the cigar factory’s previous lectors. However, the Taino population decreased rapidly as a result of exposure to disease brought by the Europeans and forced labor.

I was standing there looking at his books and thinking how amazing it was that this writer won a Pulitzer, and now I’ve been given one, too. Though many of the workers cannot read or write, they can quote lines from classics such as Don Quixote or Jane Eyre.

Juan Julian asks Palomo to help him with the lanterns, and the two men soon engage in a conversation about love stories. Anna in the Tropics is in homage to this art form lost to time gone by. He philosophizes on how people allow themselves to get away from nature. In some ways, this is a run-of-the-mill romance with all the common complications, but what elevates the story is Cruz’s luminous writing about Miami and the lives and lost traditions of the Cubans who’ve emigrated there.

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I hope to catch more than one live production in hopes to see the interpretations of this script answer some of my questions. National Parks Service, “Ybor City: Ashamed of his actions, Santiago admits to having been a fool.

Not only is the context a dangerous This play won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, and it was a anna win. As Juan Julian reads, the hot, humid Florida summer starts to resemble the cold Russian winter of the story. He is a native of Spain, which once colonized and governed Cuba. She tells Juan Julian to report any trouble to her husband.

As Ofelia says, “Only a fool can fail to understand the importance of having a lector read to us while we work,” for the workers are educated as a result.

Anna in the Tropics – Nilo Cruz

She quotes a line from the book: Until the last scene. She casts a spell to bring the lector to the factory, but then wets herself when she discovers that the spell has worked all too well. Anna in the Tropics opens with Ofelia, the wife of Santiago, the factory owner, vruz waiting with her daughters Marela and Conchita for a ship bringing Juan Julian, the new lector she has hired. I read Anna Karenina for another class and was almost done with it when I read this.


There’s nothing surprising or endearing or parti I think “generic” is the word I’m looking for here. Jul 26, Si Squires-Kasten rated it it was ok Shelves: Palomo responds by asking Conchita if she wants a divorce, but Conchita would prefer to take a lover instead.

The light that reflects off rivers. A beautiful script, which I have not yet had the pleasure of seeing staged. Conchita, unhappily married to the unfaithful Palomo, begins an affair of her own mirroring Anna Karenina’s with Juan Julian. Nilo Cruz first intended to set his play Anna in the Tropics in the s, a time when lectors readers played an important role in cigar factories. Ofelia and her daughters and, later, Santiago understand that the best way to improve the work environment at the factory is to hire a lector who will educate and inform them as he maintains a tradition rich with cultural history.

The topic shifts from a real estate transaction in the book to control of the cigar factory, with Santiago admitting that drink impairs his business decisions. You milo don’t need to be familiar with Anna Karenina in order to understand the play. Santiago, drawing inspiration from Levin’s fidelity to one woman, ” swallows the tdopics of love ” as he fails to tell Ofelia his true feelings for her.

The opening scene of the play contrasts two approaches toward life, one violent and the other reasoned.

She then tells a story about how one woman couldn’t stop crying after she put a spell on her lover and he died. Each felt some deep-down Let’s just say it right now: Jul 29, Nathan Albright rated it it was amazing Shelves: