Avidyne Entegra is an integrated aircraft instrumentation system, produced by Avidyne Corporation, consisting of a primary flight display (PFD), and. Release 3 and Later Installation Manual (), () P/N Rev 04 Installation Manual P/N Rev 04 Document. Entegra PFD Series. The Avidyne Entegra EXP brings the advantages of integrated flight deck technology to the retrofit market for business and general.

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Only one license is permitted per CompactFlash. In aircraft with a volt system, the MFD is usually connected to a non-essential avionics bus.

Avidyne Corporation – EXP Downloads

VHF transmitter antenna feed cables of 15 Watts or less require only a minimal separation. Possible Cause Possible Solution The antenna field of view is obstructed. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. If warranty protection is applicable to the Product, Ezp5000 will use reasonable efforts to repair or replace Product within ten 10 business days of its receipt of the Product.

Check power and signal wiring.

Terminate antenna end with BNC series connector. Use the following values to support the analysis: EX and Helicopter Tray Dimensions Management and supervisory personnel ex5p000 establish procedures for advising personnel of dangers from operating airborne weather radars on the ground. Note that the available setup options depend on the specific aircraft.


Check the connection between the antenna and its ground plane.

For example, FIS-B equipment may share common avionics display resources hosting multiple applications. Try again after fifteen minutes.

Avidyne Entegra

Avidyne recommends using a Heading reference for the overlay feature. Avdiyne more information see the installation and operations manuals for your radar system. See the WX Installation Manual for information about testing and the interpretation of the results not available on all software releases.

No matter which holiday you’re celebrating these days and believe me, we’re covered back here at ANN Make sure that you carefully followed the instructions in step E and try to enter calibration mode again. Contact Avidyne for more details.

Avidyne Entegra – Wikipedia

Once a lesson or scenario is unlocked, it will remain unlocked, allowing the student to return to them for review. Use care when cleaning. Set the following option: Reproduction of this publication or any portion thereof by any means without the express written consent of Avidyne Corporation is prohibited.

Follow the instructions for the programmer. The selection page is displayed: For the WX, Noise Monitor mode is used during noise mapping tests. Set the tilt table to 0o pitch.


Analog radar—P1- control and data lines: All materials are copyrighted including images that represent this software. Valid high is greater than 2. For warranty information about this product, please click here.

This utility allows you to save off many of the configuration options that had previously been set on the MFD, including: Proceed to step O. The serial numbers are found on the exterior of entetra MLB case, on the original packaging, and on the packing slip.

Select the appropriate Data Valid option: The following commercially available antennas are acceptable: Table 3 lists sensor options and their associated port configurations.

Warranty & Support

If no test set is available, conduct operations in an area that supports TIS data and verify that data is received and traffic is displayed. Possible Solution Try moving or rotating the aircraft.

EX and Tray Dimensions Enable Lightning Ahead Warning? The strike should display at 45 degrees relative bearing at each heading point 6. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. The message will remain until the self-test is finished.