The tenth in the Field Manual series, Field Manual: Periphery details the. Handbook: Major Periphery States is a sourcebook released electronically in. The Inner Sphere is the heart of the BattleTech universe. Centered around Terra, it stretches Factions in the Deep Periphery. Alfirk · JàrnFòlk · Nueva Castile.

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Bodies of chosen representatives, known as Planetary Parliaments, govern every inhabited world perlphery the Outworlds Alliance. At a tactical level, they can command upwards of a battalion of infantry, ‘Mechs, fighters, or a mixture of several different types of companies.

The attacks increased in frequency and ferocity as the months wore on, following battletehc full-scale assault by the Marian Legions on Forced to deploy two-thirds of the Second Marian Legion across the seven League planets to deal with the insurgents, but the Legion could barely withstand constant harassment form the guerrillas.

The pirates were involved in what remained “covert operations,” but the farmers asked no questions as long as their allies provided the tools and consumer goods the farmers needed.

Still, Niops provided a safehaven during the turmoil of the first Succession War.

Character creation

In essence, the government of Niops wants to pull off the perestroika without the glasnost. In order to crush them, Major Able has taken his Aces out of the state in a ploy periphwry convince the Extractors that the Aces had left the Collection’s employ. The only serious threat to the League’s existence came inwhen renegade mercenaries from units shattered in the latest round of Succession War fighting stumbled upon the League quite by accident.

It was also involved in the Vandenburg Revoltthe St. Most Marian citizens accept the system without complaint, acknowledging that it beats the harsh dictatorships suffered by most of their neighbors.

He declined to uses his own likeness as the central image, however, choosing instead epriphery picture of the sun emerging from a cloud to remind the citizens of battletecn realm that there was hope for their future.

Immediately supported by the council the new Magistrix, Emma Centrella, brokered an new peace with the FWL doing what no Magistrix before was able to do.

Factions – BattleTechWiki

Access to education was strictly controlled, and a two tiered society emerged. The Taurian Concordat peripheryy well known for its excellent educational system and high literacy rate, while the Magistracy of Canopus exemplifies some of the most progressive views on human rights in known space.


Furthering the goal of military security, peri;hery Association government pursued a build up a contigant of aerospace fighters, capable of engaging hostile forces before they even hit the ground. The Taurian Concordat has long had an antagonistic relationship with the Inner Sphere, particularly with the Federated Suns.

Lothario exports large quantities of furs, iron, and copper ores to worlds within the Magistracy and Taurian Concordat. House Davion made several pushes into Taurian territory that were quickly repulsed by the Concordat.

They can be quick to anger, but they are nonetheless skilled and perceptive combatants. During the invasion of the Clans inthe Oberon Confederation and its worlds were overrun by Clan Wolfand became part of the Wolf Clan occupation zone.

Unable to offer much in the way of economic aid at present, the Magistracy of Canopus nonetheless has pledged to provide such support as soon as possible. Every time Houses Davion and Steiner went to war, their attention would stray from their Periphery operations, and the Inner Sphere realms sometimes went so far as to pull the military assets assigned to the Periphery back to their own borders.

Many seeking a new life-style flocked to Avellar and the Omniss flocked to Alpheratz. Most are usually on lease deals. Even though Perihery Avellar has barely held the office of president long enough to demonstrate competence or incompetence, he faces strong opposition from a group known as the Separatists who also opposed his bxttletech ruleand he must answer the concerns of several factions that believe the military should receive a larger share of the available resources.

It is frequently said in the Hegemony that Marik merchants own the bazaars on the world of Seutonius. The Outworlds Alliance is the second largest Periphery state and the weakest of the major alliances both politically and economically.

Numerous Planetary Parliaments have criticized the Avellars’ commitment to maintain the Alliance military, particularly the AeroSpace Arm, at the expense of the industrial base. At present, the Lothian League has two mercenary battalions within its territories, though the identity and quality of these units are unknown.

Periphery (BattleTech) | Annex | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Two maniples make a century, and five centuries make up a cohort. Though President Avellar’s business principles are sound and his advisors and the Executive Parliament agree with his proposed solutions, much of what he is trying to do has been repeatedly delayed by the Alliance’s painfully slow democratic process.


This was shown when pirates attacked several of the planets. Over the last century such raw materials was used to foster expansion to nearby systems thus forming the Lothian League. It is made up of seven corps and four fleets.

Most of the planet’s inhabitants exist in subterranean conclaves, though a few hardy souls continue to scrape out sustenance on the planet’s surface, fiercely defending their small agricultural plots. As Caesar O’Reilly began to expand the military, reorganizing the Legions along the lines of the armies of the ancient Roman Empire that once dominated Terra. Enlisted personnel typically serve for a period of four years. During lull during the Second succession War House Marik troops occupied Circunis, before pulling out due to the need for more forces to attack or repel enemy assaults.

President Avellar has lately granted favorable trade terms in return for help against increased pirate activity. This situation has led to Niops first foray into the world of foreign affairs for centuries. Thoughts of pirates pillaging trade lanes that are the life and heart of the Inner sphere.

The Periphery (sourcebook)

While escorting a supply caravan to a small outpost on the outskirts of the Aurigan Reach, you were set upon by pirates and left for dead. A closer look at the republican ideal as implemented in the Hegemony, however, reveals that the structure is not too far removed from the feudal system periiphery place throughout much of the Inner Sphere and parts of the Periphery.

Begun inan Prriphery Exchange program, bringing in numerous Davion teachers and educational specialists, has increased overall literacy among the Alliance population. Taurian citizens enjoy extensive freedoms guaranteed by the Concordat Charter, and take pride in defending those freedoms through compulsory service. By limiting contact with the Inner Sphere through contract with small mercenary bands to defend League worlds against raids from the Marion Hegemony.

Responsibilities correspond to those of Staff Sergeants within the Inner Sphere.