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The editors are making all possible efforts to ensure that reviewers are appointed from outside the research unit affiliated by the author of the publication. Published twice a year double issues in Polish and English separate papers.

Any detected breaches of ethical and scientific misconduct in particular, ghostwriting and guest authorship will be exposed and documented. The chapters include presentation of particular elements of the environment management system.

Zarządzanie środowiskiem : Bazyli Poskrobko :

On the Transformations of Place. Publisher Fundacja Edukacyjna poskroobko Al. Fundacja Edukacyjna “Transformacje” Al. Papers should be linguistically and stylistically correct, and all quotes poskrobmo references should be documented. The volume of submitted papers should not exceed 42 characters including spaces and footnotes. A newperspective on foresight and social planning. There were described general legislative regulations with division into: Transformacje Pismo Interdyscyplinarne No.


Only footnotes should be used in submitted texts. The publication was divided into ten chapters which can be characterized in terms of groups. Examples of topics covered include but are not limited to: In debatable cases e.

PELC Exploration of human desires: Description of each of these elements was done in accordance with the model of management system by isolating management organs and institutions, instruments and management subject and object. The journal aims to promote inter- multi- and transdisciplinary approach, future orientation and strategic and global thinking. The first five chapters include description of the environment management opskrobko in Poland. This publication is devoted bazyil to environment management at state level and at particular levels of the territorial division.

Transformacje Transformations are internationally available — since we have a licence agreement with the global database: The chapter includes the basic concepts, presents the theoretical model of environment management system and shows the analysis of the macrosystem society-economy-environment as the management subject and object.

Vladimer Papava — Rektor. Dorota Misiejuk — Prezes. In chapters 4 and 5 there were described management measures and instruments — ecological policy, sustainable development strategies and environmental protection programs and plans as well as instruments: Invited are scholarly articles which address interdisciplinary issues on the broader impacts of science and technology on society as well as future studies.


Universita Cattolica del S. The editors may decide to appoint an additional reviewer. Please send texts to the following address: A newperspective on foresight and social planning 23 II. The journal is devoted to i. The first chapter is the only part of this book that has theoretical character.

The editors reserve the right to edit submitted papers Submitted material will not be returned. All papers should be submitted in electronic version only. Aleksandra Kuzior — Prezes.

Polskie Towarzystwo Oceny Technologii, Prof.

Zarządzanie środowiskiem

Transformations is an interdisciplinary refereed, reviewed journal, published since Krzysztof Wodarski — Dziekan. Scientific papers submitted to Transformations shall be subject to review: Chapters concern management of the main elements of the system — respectively: Any tables, charts and other graphic elements should be accompanied by editable entry forms.

Poskrobko, Bazyli Poskrobko, Tomasz. Impacts and potentialities of change and transition need new methodological tools, new visions and innovation for theoretical and practical capacitybuilding. Submitted articles should be accompanied by: