La Musica Notturna delle Strade di Madrid including La Ritirata di Madrid della Strade di Madrid is one of only two programmatic works Boccherini composed. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Boccherini: The Guitar Quintets Including La Ritirata di Madrid & Fandango – Pepe Romero. Luigi Boccherini. Quintet for guitar & strings in C major (“La Ritirada di Madrid”), G. (arrangement of Piano Quintet, G. ). Composition Information.

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Guitar Quintets; String Quartet. It has four movements, three of which are taken from an earlier quintet, G. Last comes La Ritirata di Madrid the retreat of the Military Night Watch of Madridwhich by boccberini, achieved a certain degree of notoriety. Luigi Boccherini was born in the town of Lucca in nothern Italy.

Luigi Boccherin: La Ritirada di Madrid for Guitar & String Quartet, G

The guitar plays a virtuosic role, as do bocherini first violin and the cello. Retrieved 25 March Orchestral Transcriptions Liner Notes of Decca Boccherini ‘s quintets for guitar and strings originally existed in two separate sets of six pieces. String Quintets; Guitar Quintets. The last movement was the Military Night Watch clearing the streets at curfew time.

Boccherini: The Guitar Quintets Including La Ritirata di Madrid & Fandango

Composed for two violins, a violaand two cellos, the Night Music of ritriata Streets of Madrid quintet is in the C major keyand is approximately 13 minutes in duration. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. This alternation between major and minor creates a duel of sorts between the musical representations of joy and sorrow.


These were lower class loudmouths vulgarly dressed. Then gradually the volume decreases and again becomes faint as the band moves off down the street into the distance.

Each movement portrayed something different, for examples, drunks singing or church bells ringing. From this midpoint, each of the following variations drops in volume ritirataa the music is once again imperceptible, evoking the image of the troop retreating and finally fading away in the distance.

However, it is in a theme and variations form. The composition is in only one movement and takes 6 ritorata 7 minutes to perform.

String quintet by Luigi Boccherini. Boccherini ‘s intent was to create the image of a military troop approaching and retreating from Maddrid. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Musica notturna delle strade di Madrid – Wikipedia

Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. The piece was finished in in Rome and was dedicated to Davide Bellugi. It contains frequent contrasts between the playful first theme and more lyrical later themes.

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The second movement, Andantino, begins in the morose-sounding key of A minor and moves quickly madrd to C major.

He studied cello and became a virtuoso eventually moving to Spain where he took employment with the Spanish royal family for the rest of his life.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The various instruments are really of equal importance, because the melody often heard in the violin or ritirara is supported by active and playful inner parts. The cello soars into the upper register at several points, which would seem unusual were it not for the fact that Boccherini himself was a virtuoso cellist.

The cellists id directed by Boccherini to take their cellos upon their knees and strum them, imitating a guitar.

Boccherini never lz to publish this work because as he told his publisher, “The piece is absolutely useless, even ridiculous, outside Spain because the audience cannot hope to understand its significance nor the performers rigirata play it as it should be played. The first set exists in its entirety today, but unfortunately, only two of the second set have survived.

The middle of the movement takes a foray into minor, echoing the mood of the previous movement, but this section is somewhat brief and moves back into the playful first theme to finish.