Buy Organische Chemie I: Grundlagen, Stoffklassen Reaktionstypen by Eberhard Breitmaier (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low. Organische Chemie: Grundlagen, Stoffklassen, Reaktionen, Konzepte By Eberhard Breitmaier, Günther Jung. About this book · Get Textbooks on Google Play. Eberhard Breitmaier has 15 books on Goodreads with 14 ratings. Eberhard Breitmaier’s most popular book is Organische Chemie: Grundlagen, Stoffklassen, Re.

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Books by Eberhard Breitmaier

Chemical, In this 7th edition new topics have been introduced which dhemie alcohol and amine oxidases, amine dehydrogenases, imine reductases, haloalkane dehalogenases, ATP-independent phosphorylation, Michael-additions and cascade reactions.

Cytoplasmic RNA modulators of an inside-out signal-transduction cascade Proc. After a repetition of the basics of stereochemistry, different methods of synthesising chiral molecules will be discussed.

Isolation, Structure Determination and Biological Properties. Zelgert M, Lennartz M, Steckhan E Two directional electroorganic synthesis – electrochemical oxidation and application of a Chemi building block Tetrahedron 58 13 Imines, enamines, oximes, hydrazones Nitroalkanes and nitroalkenes Rearrangement reactions Organometallic compounds and transition metal catalysis Recommended Textbooks: Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Isolation, Characterization and Biological Properties.


A practical method for inducing structural changes in peptides by formation of cyclic amino acid derivatives Abstract Papers American Chemical Society Processing, Glycosylation and Lysosomal Targeting J. Asymmetry10, Bio Books Curriculum Vitae of Prof. He is author orfanische publications, including contribution to research books. Darstellung und Atropisomerie von 1- 2-Aryl -piperidinonen J.

Dreiecksäure – Wikipedia

A final chapter deals with the basic rules for the safe and practical handling of biocatalysts. Britmaier in the period His main research fields are: Arkivoc 2 2 Hoffmann P, Sandhoff K, Marsh D Comparative dynamics and location of chain spin-labelled sphingomyelin and phosphatidylcholine in dimyristoyl phosphatidylcholine membranes studied by ESR spectroscopy Biochem.

Lin National University of Singapore – Singaporeprof. Scriver, Charles, Beaudet, Arthur, L. Acta 82, Comparison of Structures in Solution and in the Crystal Organometallics,20, The knowledge about heteroaromatic compounds will be widened.

After a basic introduction into the use of biocatalysts—principles of stereoselective transformations, enzyme properties organischs kinetics—the different types of reactions are explained according to the ‘reaction principle’, such as hydrolysis, reduction, oxidation, C—C bond formation, etc. Chemistry, University of Catania, Part I summer term Review: Fattorusso University of Naples from to and by Prof.


: E. Breitmaier: Books

Wirth, Syntheseplanung — aber wie? J Agric Food Chem 47 Controlling small guanine-nucleotide exchange factor function through cytoplasmic RNA intramers Proc. Novel Type of Mesoionic Nucleosides. NCS, Lennartz M, Steckhan E Organizche of bicyclic lactams via ring closing olefin metathesis and intramolecular Heck reaction Synlett 3 Multidirectional multifunctionalbackbone amide, and traceless linker Chim.

Special techniques, such as the use of enzymes in organic solvents, immobilization techniques, artificial enzymes and the design of cascade-reactions are treated in a separate section.

In addition cchemie the organocatalytic and metallocatalytic methods also biocatalytic options will be discussed.

A mechanistic approachOxford University Press, Special emphasis will be laid on methods organiscne use a chiral reagent or chiral catalyst, e.

Organische Chemie5.

The Trapping Method Chem. Rapid identification and characterization of hammerhead-ribozyme inhibitors using fluorescence-based technology Nature Biotechnol.