On a late November afternoon Saleh Omar arrives at Gatwick Airport from Zanzibar, a far away island in the Indian Ocean. With him he has a small bag in which. By the Sea [Abdulrazak Gurnah] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. On a late November afternoon Saleh Omar arrives at Gatwick Airport. Close reading of By the Sea. Chelsea Haith. The analysis is of the following paragraph from Abdulrazak Gurnah’s By the Sea (The New Press.

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Oct 05, Sharon rated it really liked it. As the island’s banks are nationalized, the merchant’s business fails.

By the Sea

Oct 29, Anna Tan rated it it was amazing Shelves: He deftly portrays the trials and tribulations suffered at the hands of others by those who seek asylum and refuge. This is an expertly crafted novel. By the Sea is beautiful, a meandering story of remembrance that takes you from Zanzibar to London, through Malaya and Persia, a story of business, love, and revenge.

I know his academic work, which is also on postcolonial issue, Abfulrazak Africa and the sea communities along that coast. Want to Read saving…. Started off thinking it was a bit hard to read and a bit dependent on my mood. By the Sea by Abdulrazak Gurnah. This is a story of injustice, family betrayals and rivalries over what end up being petty things, but which become big in the grand scale of things.

The refugee acquires a voice and a name, and as he does so, not only his identity and history but that of his country, with the deep changes wrought in it by colonization and revolution, become clear with a vividness that could never have been captured by a more conventional narration.


I keep thinking about this book when I want to find another book that I will also keep thinking about. It provides an ending that is no ending at all: Apr 18, Mary rated it really liked it.

About Store Membership Print Podcast. The memories of him while he was young are warm.

Paperbackpages. Its narrator is a refugee from an East African island nation who is seeking to enter England. More By and About This Author.


In this chapter they meet again for the first time in years. You meet him at the airport in the UK, an old man arrived from Zanzibar and claiming refugee status which he gets and is taken to live in a small English town by the sea. It is a sad but hopeful story. Held a prisoner most of his life for his supposed treachery, will Saleh Omar seek atonement for his deeds from Latif Mahmud?

Related tenuously by marriage, the two men’s lives have been intertwined by a series of slights and betrayal, each branch of the family grasping for the prope By the Sea is abdhlrazak, a meandering story of remembrance that takes you from Zanzibar to London, through Malaya and Persia, a story of business, love, and revenge.

I enjoyed the storytelling, but from fellow readers’ comments I know that this is not for everyone. The writing style is very elegant however yb the difficult to follow or almost care about detail makes it a less engrossing read than it otherwise would be. Told from several different perspectives, ‘By the Sea’ offers contradictory and inconsistent alternatives of the truth; the veracity of which cannot — intentionally — be determined.

I also enjoyed reading about the good and harrowing times alike in colonial and post-colonial Africa, the latter which Gurnah describes with restrained poise. And he presents an asylum-seeker, labelling him, and that way reducing him, before giving him voice. Even when the winds of history push them toward other, less hospitable shores—England, or the old, Marxist East Germany—Gurnah’s characters are still the embodiment of ssea Zanzibar.


Close reading of Abdulrazak Gurnah’s By the Sea by Chelsea Haith – writers make worlds

It is the fixed perspective of exile that motors this, his sixth novel: Abdulraza very good read. As it is always the case with Gurnah, t This is an example of how good writing can turn a simple plot into a wonderful reading experience.

When Saleh and Latif Mahmud meet in a quiet English seaside town, their separate and shared histories begin to unravel. So it made more bby the book yet not completely penetrated my heart was perhaps all the chattering about commercial issues.

Review: By the Sea | Boston Review

A book longlisted for the Booker Prize. After reading it I was left with the idea that the Truth isn’t always universal, it varies it the point of view of thf narrator of the chapter So those things drew me to the book initially. Esa Books The Observer. With these confessions, both men find a satisfying cloture with hints of fuller lives to come.

The strands mesh because in this novel we are traveling the memories and histories of the Indian Ocean.

For me it’s a bit special, as I know the author in person, so I had that connection in the first place.