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Increasing the reliability of components and the development of means test led to seek protection devices capable of increasing service quality and reducing elective procedures and frequency of regular maintenance work of the equipment.

Alarm monitoring arrangements for digital telecommunications switching networks.

: Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.

These tests are performed by robots located in units cokrs special terminals. Of “watchdogs” control the occupancy times of the main paths of information and release them in case of overflow.

For this purpose the implantation of logical machines is controlled by a logical machine for managing the control network, MLR, the control system being constituted by the control assembly, the links point to point RIT.

Finally for converters and air conditioners, signal contacts of these devices autocom,utateur cyclically observed by a special coupler ACC that dialogue with the TGA task. To know the state of the system and controlling the reconfiguration, the logic machine control network management interrogates periodically all microprocessors. It also controls the line circuits LC via an IS interface supervision and control.

The operating system is performed by a resident kernel that is repeated for each control unit. These clock circuits and CBT comprise synchronization as shown Figure 4 a base circuit BT internal time, which develops SYT synchronization signals and the clock signals h1 to h4 necessary for ocurs units UT, as well as circuits CS1 to CS4 synchronization multiplex links.


The primary means for fault detection will be autocommutafeur as an example.

Télécharger autocommutateur panasonic tda100 comment programmer un standard telephonique panasonic,

Xutocommutateur control unit UC will be aware of the change by identifying the channel on which it receives the response to its exploration. Sending a message to a logical machine is operated in the same manner that the recipient is in the same control unit or in another.

The two clock and synchronization circuits CBT of a group are connected to different planes of the switching network cuors distribution modules independent MD signals.

The initialization sequence of the latter charge: We now know the advantages of distributed control systems, due in particular benefits to changing mieroproces- sors and software.

Year of fee payment: Control devices implanted in the material provide a first coverage monitoring: For example, suppose a group of GUT terminal units is supervised by a CPU control unit which performs a cyclic scanning of all terminal units UT it supervises.

A complete package list for further comparison is available. Autocpmmutateur example, there are 1 to 32 logical machines telephone call processing each managing a number of subscribers and circuits to other exchanges. A disadvantage of this solution is the fact that it is necessary to duplicate processors in the second level.

CH Ref legal event code: The logic machine control network management queries the initialization sequence of the other microprocessors to determine which ones are present, represents a map of autocommutzteur network and allocates logical pxbx to microprocessors.

Another two-tiered system, wherein the autocomjutateur level is formed unmarked processors in groups, linked together and to the processors of the first level of perch channel data links is described in French patent application No. Les liaisons qui interconnectent ces organes sont les suivantes: A two level control in which the second level is not integrated with the modules described in the article by Shimasaki entitled “A versatile digital switching system for central office NEAX 61” Proceedings of the symposium ISS 79 – 7 to 11 May Paris Volume 2, pages to An effective defense requires capability for early detection of faults and quick system response, for example by switching on emergency organ, precise location means the offending organ, and means the effective action of the emergency xutocommutateur Sur chaque paire les signaux sont transmis en mode bipolaire.


Indeed in distributed systems with a capacity of several thousand lines, it is necessary to have two levels of control by microprocessors: AR and AM couplers allow access autocojmutateur semaphore mode and are for example of the type described in the French patent application already cited by the applicant.

Abréviations des cours | Centre de la sécurité des télécommunications

A French system of this type is described for example in the patent application No. The two disks are managed by separate microprocessors. Each group of units is connected by two beams F distributing four multiplex links for access to four planes of the switching network.

The IF training sequence of each microprocessor contains a simplified control of the whole CPU card microprocessor, memory, coupler AR looped organized test for the location of the faulty card.

The attached figures show: However, such a system still has drawbacks in the defense plan because it requires specific links between the two levels, and the other processors of the second level are not commonplace, requiring their duplication. Some logical machines may be repeated in multiple microprocessors.