From Wikipedia: Grail Quest is a series of gamebooks by J. H. Brennan. The books are illustrated by John Higgins (I). The series is (usually) set in King Arthur’s. Note: Some of these gamebooks were planned for addition but This page showcases some of the best gamebook and solo .. GrailQuest. GrailQuest is a set of Choose Your Own Adventure-type game books by J.H. Brennan, with eight books in the series: The Castle of Darkness (); The Den of.

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You will fight a lot of battles, and the mechanics for combat are relatively simple and work well. You are Altheus, sent to avenge the death of Theseus, your elder brother, whose body lies trapped in the labyrinth of King Minos. If you like Marvel comics, this series is well worth checking out.

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Watson Sherlock Holmes Solo Mysteries is a fun gamebook series based on the world’s most famous fictional detective. The series is light in tone and does not take itself seriously, often spoofing the fantasy genre and inserting a lot of pure slapstick humor or nonsensical elements in order to make the book a fun read.

Absolutely first gamebokos, I had a blast!

Be an Interplanetary Spy Find the Kirillian! Perhaps the series met its end as the direct result of its flexibility – there’s so much to do in each book that you almost don’t need another one.

Probably the only gamebooks in history to be based on a one-on-one fighting game many issues in the Nintendo Power series were published, but those are other kinds of gamesEternal Champions is a very rare series, based on SEGA’s fighting game of the same name, that plays like a good clone of Mortal Kombat.

Second, no spell can be thrown more than three times in any given adventure and once thrown, it is used whether or not it is successfully cast. Clearly, GrailQuest was written by an author well versed in the absurd, but capable of harnessing it to a very, very good story. Pip also receives ten new firefingers different from the firefingers on the previous book and two new fireballs.


Project Aon – a must-visit site that provides free downloads of Lone Wolf fantasy gamebooks, courtesy of author Joe Dever.

Castle of Darkness

Here, you can find many series, including rare classics such as Zork gamebook. Dave Morris April 5, at You can read more about Grailquest here and here. The series uses typical Choose Your Own Adventure format: Older Children Writing Style: If the result exceeds 6 which will happen You can be the Stainless Steel Rat This collection features gamebooks that were released graailquest, either as one-of-a-kind gamebooks or as the start of a slated series that met a premature end.

There are three things that set the Combat Command series apart from almost every other gamebook. When it comes to writing a gamebook, what’s the most important thing that you do? No Web Links Found. Tomb of Nightmares 8. Soundway to Reading – Which Way Books 2.

Series – Grailquest

The grxilquest used by the books are simple, generally only covering Life Force, inventory management and spell-casting. Recommended Freeway Warrior links: The GrailQuests were my magical books.

The book itself is quite interesting too, as Demian says in his synopsis: We are a small team that runs one of the largest DOS Games websites in the world.

Recommended Dragon Graikquest links: This page does not exist. Demian says it all gamebookx his review of this rare series: Grailquest 1 Rules Reference front.

Gio rated it liked it Apr 14, Some of these books were also made promotional material – you could get them by sending in two UPCs from Pringles. Unfortunately, after the halfway point, the books go noticeably downhill.


Each book places you in the middle of a famous graiqluest event: Both of these flaws are easily forgiveable, however; this is I hope only the first part of a series, and room had to be left somewhere for future growth and improvement.

A very grave grrailquest Brennan either didn’t carry on, or wasn’t allowed to. Iron Crown Enterprises I. The Evil of Mr. The English Civil War. The use of maps allows the books to feel a lot bigger than their or so sections, and there’s a good combat system that allows for a lot more variety than, say, Fighting Fantasy ‘s system did.

Description from Demian’s page about this ultra-rare series: The first four books were released by Corgi and the last two by Yearling; these latter two books are larger-format than their predecessors and are designed for a younger audience. Sanjuro rated it liked it Oct 06, Similar to the better-known Way of the Tiger series, these books emphasize grailquuest fighting moves.

Each book is massive: Recommended Find Your Fate links: The Crypts of Terror.

I think the future of books generally is in a bit of a crisis at the moment because of electronic developments. It was somewhere around this time that the Tolkien estate objected to these books — apparently they considered them to be books, not games, and thus not covered by I. Grailquest 1 Character Sheet front. Good illustrations and a lot of fights against characters from the game characterize this series.

I suspect gamebooks more than most will tend to go electronic. Castle of Darkness Grail Quest 1 by J.