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Woodwind Instrumentation Codes Following many of the titles in our Wind Ensemble catalog, you will see a set of numbers enclosed in square brackets, as in this example: Sexy Trippy All Moods. Also, it should be noted that Euphonium can be doubled by either Trombone or Tuba. Arthur Honegger was a Swiss composerwho lived a large part of his life in Paris.

La Musique de Chambre.

Honegger Intrada, H.193 (1947)

Titles listed in our catalog without bracketed numbers are assumed to use “Standard Instrumentation. My logic here is to try to maintain the architecture that is established in measure 4 where the phrase obviously begins on beat 2.

Percussion is abbreviated following the brass. Thanks for breaking this one down.


Honegger writes half-notes, quarter-tied-to-eighths and quarter-notes, I believe for a reason. Multiples, if any, are not shown in this system. The first number stands for Flutethe second for Oboethe third for Clarinetthe fourth for Bassoonand the fifth separated from the woodwinds by a dash is for Horn.

Introspection Late Night Partying. Genre Chamber Music Classical. Strings are a standard configuration 4 first violin, 4 second violin, 3 viola, 2 cello, 2 bass. Share on facebook twitter tumblr.

Intrada – All Things Trumpet

In the third example, we have a rather extreme use of the system. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Other Required and Solo parts follow the strings:. Notice in intrdaa opening three measures how every other note is preceded by a half step. There are numerous recordings of this work, some of my favorites are: In its original meaning, “intrada” denotes the music that accompanies a character’s entrance on the stage or that signals the beginning of another work.

Just heard of this piece yesterday from playwithapro. Measures Set the Allegro section tempo at whatever rate you can triple-tongue the passage beginning at Employed extensively in Spain, it was adopted by composers in other countries as well.

The Trumpet in the 20th Century. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Example 2 – Jones: Saxophoneswhen included in orchestral music they rarely are will be shown in the “other instrument” location after strings and before the soloist, if any.


That being said, I think I prefer breathing on the barline at rehearsal 8. Copland Fanfare for the Common Man [ Music for Trumpet and Piano. Typically, orchestra scores have the tuba linked to euphonium, but it does happen where Trombone is the principal instead.

Remember, all these phrasing ideas are just suggestions. In this case, the winds are all doubled 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets and 2 bassoonsand there are two each horns and trumpets. Measures One of the big issues in this piece is figuring out where to breathe.

View Shopping Cart Woodwind Instrumentation Codes Following many of the titles in our Wind Ensemble catalog, you will see a set of numbers enclosed in square brackets, as in this example:. Instruments shown in parenthesis are optional and may be omitted.