Title or reference: Kriminaliteti i organizuar. Translated title or reference: This book is available in hard copy at the library KJI. Keywords: Krimi I. Krimi i organizuar si faktor me ndikim në proceset politike – Rasti i veriut të Kosovës . Qollakaj, Fatmir (Kolegji AAB, ). Siguria është kategori kushtetuese. Krimi i organizuar transnacional: sistem dhune dhe pushteti. Front Cover. Zamir Poda. Shtëpia Botuese “Moravia”, – Organized crime – pages.

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I had been promoted colonel. In the beginning, the presiding judge was trying very hard to find out what really had gone on, but now it seemed that organizuuar had stopped the whole process. Defendant Radosav Mitrovic pleaded not guilty to war crime against the civilian population and cited his qualifications and training.

For a normal functioning of the economic system, the safety and protection of controlled circulation of money are of vital importance. Police are the true champions of apartheid.

District Court in Prishtina, Decisions on offenses of money counterfeiting for the period What’s going to happen in ? The security of the net is being threatened from many directions.

Shireta, Vjolca, and Gramos Berisha were the only survivors. January Another unnamed witness said that there had been a lot of army members in the area— armed KLA, armed Serbian civilians, police reservists, regular police forces, special police forces, special police units, and the regular army We are talking with the families, exchanging information, drinking coffee, and laughing.

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He had only been in charge for his own subordinates.

‘Krimi i Organizuar’

Protection of economic and monetary systems is also provided upon by numerous international acts. From here, the bodies were returned to their families in Kosovo. It means unquestioningly executing all of their so-called tasks—murder, ethnic cleansing, and rape. Certainly, any future war between technically developed nations is likely to incorporate computer attacks. I have been a brave officer and have always gone with the ranks.

Krimi kompjuterik – Wikipedia

He can lie artfully and convincingly. In this direction, the state takes actions and measures to ensure that manufacturing and emissions of banknotes and bonds are undertaken by competent authorities, such as the Central Bank, and render impossible the counterfeiting of money.

Kosovo Police, PrishtinaData on the situation of criminality and money counterfeit for the period The policeman behaved like cowboys. Through the ethnic cleansing, an ethnically pure space without people and language has been created. Botimet e kaluara Numrat e fundit.

What are you waiting for? Shtegtimi im, vendi im.

Email the author Login required. Nobody could tell them a thing. No one responded to this word, not even the judges. Like the majority of the previous witnesses, he was trying hard to protect the state and its representatives from the indictments. He knows exactly what to say. From the research of this type of crime, I have concluded that these criminal offences are a serious type of crime, which may result in major individual, family and social consequences.


Krimi kompjuterik

This crime, like many others, was organized, carried out and executed by the state. This witness, as an official of the criminal regime, is the executor of the laws which approve and support lies. They have limited resources and expertise to investigate online criminal activity.

We’ll see more attacks by hactivists like the infamous Anonymous group. Keywords Counterfeit money; manufacturing; modification; circulation. People who came from Krusevac assisted it.

User Username Password Remember me. They have chosen to be silent. I was otganizuar charge of my three companies. The bodies had been buried in one of the mass graves in Kosovo, at a military rifle range in Prizren. All the orders came from the commanding station in Pristina. The aim was the creation of a purged territory with certain names and a language banished. But what we know already is that, in the real world, you generally only worry about the criminals who live in your city.

Vendosja e paqes dhjetor It completed its duties conscientiously and responsibly.