Look at Me [Anita Brookner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A lonely art historian absorbed in her research seizes the opportunity to. I had such a mistaken idea about Anita Brookner’s novels, until I picked up Julian Barnes remembers his friend Anita Brookner: ‘There was no one remotely like her’ . ‘Look at Me’, her third novel, is my personal favorite. Look At Me () by Anita Brookner Frances Hinton is an introspective woman, ‘ loyal and well-behaved and uncritical’, with aspirations to.

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And, in a way that bends time, so long as it is remembered, it will indicate the future.

LEARN THIS PHRASE | Book Reviews | Newsletter: Review: Look At Me by Anita Brookner

I hope he’s a littl For once a thing is known, llok can never be unknown. Naturally, that’s not the end of it, but it wouldn’t even matter if it was, for Look At Me is, regardless of its plot, at its strongest as a detailed analysis of the fascinating, tragic, endlessly quotable Frances. Dec 19, Jim rated it it was amazing. Frances will not at all, under guise or not. It is interesting that the initial part of the book that bored me with the descriptions of depression and melancholy are in a way what this book is about.

But it is through her association one can hardly call it friendship with the Frasers that Frances meets James Anstey, and the love she has longed for seems, at last, a real possibility. There is of course the possiblility you have read this, if so what did you think? Instead, she seeks the company of gilded extroverts like the Frasers — as though their personalities will rub off on her without any effort being made on her part; as though the isolation and dullness of fellow outcasts such as former library employee Mrs Morpeth, who she visits monthly out of a sense of duty she can never quite banish might, too, be catching.


Lool not much in the way of plot – it’s all about interpersonal relations, friendship, how we choose to brooknee our lives, loneliness, the chance of romance – but once I got into it, the book was hard to put down. She has no friends or lovers or anything of the sort.

I am very orderly, and Spartan in my habits. She shows, she makes the reader feel it deep inside. I have a horror of that. Frances vaguely tells about her experiences with loneliness- late mother, lost friends, some tragic love lost that she is afraid to mention in detail; afraid she will revisit. broookner

Look at Me

Despite her own situation, she is moved to horror by the loneliness of others, showing little sympathy. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Recommended to readers who like character-driven stories where you don’t necessarily love the characters, and also to readers who appreciate a book that forces them to slow down and read every sentence.

August 26, at 9: I thought them brave. They are the sort of beauties who demand attention and a constant flow of admiration. The themes have an exotic flavour these days, they smell of an irretrievable past. I am sure it will be a joy whichever path it takes me down. That whole late autumn, which was exceptionally cold and exceptionally ne, favouring our walks, was for me a time of assurance and comfort and anticipation.

Brookner is on fine form well after the initial hurdle in this book and everything after the awkward af makes up znita it without question.

Alix will do it under guise, never admitting it. Frances who does not like being called Fanny has an office job and lives with a silent Irish nanny in her dead parents’ flat. Everything is in the details. I am used to being on my own and sometimes I doubt whether I could endure a lot of excitement. Then there’s Nick Fraser. In fact, studies have shown that, to an extent, the more frequently couples argue and fight, the higher their chances of long-term success.


For the writer there is no oblivion. They call her Little Orphan Fanny and carelessly bring her into their circle of friends.

Frances is putty in their hands, and it’s wrenching to encounter through her midnight pen as she over-thinks the entire experience of belonging and attraction; imagining she has time to feel her feelings and a certain level of control over how the romance unfolds.

Nick b Alix Fraser turn out to be not very nice people. And of course I never speak of them. The construction is elegant and inevitable.

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Look at Me, by Anita Brookner

This is the most engrossing book in which nothing really happens that I’ve ever read. Then I let it sit on my shelf for ages, since it seemed quiet and slow in comparison to all liok shiny new books I had checked out.

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Or indeed, “Look at me”. Personally, I wanted a bit more of the wit that the narrator claimed to be putting into her own novel.